Be comfortable

Different rooms are always different temperatures. Our Smart Vents keep you comfortable by sending air where your home needs it most.

Sometimes we disagree on what the right temperature is. Hearth lets you set rooms to different temperatures to keep everyone happy.

No more tossing and turning in hot upstairs bedrooms while freezing downstairs.

Nothing more, nothing less

Hearth Smart Vents don’t require expensive hubs and external sensors which clutter up your home.

And you don’t need a construction crew to install them. Just swap them in, sit back, and relax.

Use the simple but powerful app, or control it from your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Smarter home

Hearth learns which routines keep you most comfortable. On your way home from work? Hearth can make your kitchen and dining room nice and cool. When you watch a movie, your living room is just right.

Unoccupied rooms don’t need to be the perfect temperature. Hearth sends air just where you need it, saving power and lowering your energy bill.

Hearth learns what you need. You don't need to learn Hearth.

Get notified when Hearth is available

Hearth is under development, and we will be releasing our beta later this year.